Viglink Review 2020: Auto Affiliate Publisher Network (Payment Proof)

Viglink Review : Auto Affiliate Publisher NetworkInternet Marketing has become a great way to earn money. It requires less investment and you can quickly start earning money provided that you have what it takes. It takes passion and vision to flourish on any platform on the internet. It takes dedication and hard work to create great content online. But this is not the end. One you create quality content and get a hold of that audience, the next step is to convert the traffic into money. You need to monetize your content in order to start making money. There are many ways to do so but today we are going to explain to you how you can start earning with Viglink affiliate ad network. Personally i like skimlinks which performs better for me and having similar concept. But for large variety of products you can go with viglink. An Affiliate ad network uses your content to strategically place affiliate links on relevant places and pays you for every sale or lead. This is a great way to earn from your content as the commissions are high and you can get high revenues if you know your way with the audience. In this Viglink review we lets us know more about earning online from all internal links which can easily monetized effortlessly.

How To Earn Online With Viglink?

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to earn money online with Viglink affiliate ad network, here is everything you need to know. Steps to start earning through Viglink are:

Signup as a publisher from the link given below.

Then, fill in all the necessary details and wait for the approval. Once your platform has been approved, complete the profile and then you can monetize your content. There are two ways in which you can monetize your content with Viglink. The first way is to install a script on your website. This script will place affiliate links on all relevant places wherever there is a mention of the product or there is a reference to it. The second way is to manually choose products from thousands of merchants and place them wherever you like. If you know your audience better, you can optimise the placement to get better feedback.

Viglink works on CPA model for payout. This means you, as a publisher will get commissions for every sale, signup or install, depending on the type of product advertised. each product has its own commission rates and they vary product to product and merchant to merchant.

Viglink Review For Merchants.

If you are a merchant, advertising with Viglink affiliate ad network can be a great way to get exposure for your brand and products. Let us take a look at the services and opportunities offered by Viglink to help you advertise your brand and make the most out of affiliate internet marketing. With Viglink, you can choose any model for payment (CPA, CPC, etc,)  to drive excessive traffic to you. This ad network helps you to both publicise your brand as well as place it dynamically to get more sales.

Here are the various features that you are offered with a merchant account on Viglink:

There are many models of payments that you can choose to begin advertising with Viglink.

  • CPA: Pay for any completed action such as a product sale.
  • CPL: Pay for leads based program which includes different task like sign up, form filling and more.
  • CPI: Pay for app installs by most relevant traffic.

Viglink offers sponsored content where influential writers write about your product or service on their platforms to advertise your brand. There are more than 2M platforms to choose from and Viglink’s dedicated team will always get you the best ones out there. This is meant to gain exposure for your brand which in turn show an increase in the number of sales.

Another way to advertise your products and services with Viglink is by Paid Placements. This advertising model places affiliate links to your brand/products/services in already written relevant articles all across the internet to drive the intent audience to you. Top publishers are chosen for this program in order to make about 20 {6dec024b975396af736af9bdb1e583b297100a27d0aa585ba08a0f748c09ac24} sales lift for your brand possible.

Viglink Review For Publishers.

Now we will take a look at the aspects of Viglink affiliate ad network from the point of view of a publisher. If you are a publisher and are looking for a way to make money online using an affiliate ad network, here is what you need to know about Viglink.

Turn Common URL To Affiliate

Viglink strategically places affiliate links in relevant places in your content. For example, suppose you mention a specific smartphone in one of your articles. Viglink will automatically place an affiliate link there to buy the smartphone. You can manually place these links as well. These links turn words into revenue generating hyperlinks without any hindrance in the user experience. You can even share Viglink converted affiliate links on any platform as well as social media.

Deep Statistics Details

Another important aspect of an ad network that needs to be checked is the statistic tracking. Viglink offers very accurate tracking for your performance with detailed analysis for clicks and audience demographic in order to help a publisher to measure their performance. These statistics are important to plan further expansions as well as modify advertising methods. Viglink provides this detail right on the dashboard which is a great thing that not many notice, but is quite handy in daily work.

Merchant Directory

Viglink offers a great way to browse merchants and their products. You as a publisher are free to choose among 70,000 merchants to advertise their affiliate services and start earning commission based revenue. This system offers complete transparency by showing the set of details required such as Mode of Payment (CPC or CPA), Commission Rates, Countries, etc. This will help you the right products to advertise as you know your audience well and hence generate more revenue.

Auto Text Monetizing

Along with all the above features, Viglink also offers some very advanced features in terms of technology and implementations in order to increase the productivity of webmasters and publishers so that they can make the most out of this ad network. The language processing offered by Viglink is great and helps recognize the best keywords to place affiliate links. They also provide javascript to monetize mobile apps and web pages automatically and efficiently so that the publisher earns more revenue.

Conclusion ?

If you are looking for any network to monitize products which pay for sales but don’t want to sign up each and every company seprately them viglink is best combined solution for various offers under one roof. I hope you like this viglink review don’t forget share it with others.

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